7 New Apps for Facebook Timeline

Timeline apps is something that is use for posting or sharing your activity and feelings among friends. There are many new apps for facebook timeline which is super cool. I’m sure everyone likes to try something new isn’t it, because of that facebook have launch some new apps for us to enjoy even more.

There are thousand of apps for facebook timeline, which is extremely good. But today I’m going to share you about new apps for facebook timeline. I’m sure you will like it as new is something that we never use it before. Once you add up these new timeline apps then you can start updating the activities your doing and later on share to your facebook friends.

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There is many apps like emoticon that are used in facebook which is of great way to express our feeling. Likewise I will share you something related apps like the one what I have mentioned. So please do check it out the apps of your choice.

Best New Apps for Facebook Timeline

Below you will find some of the best apps for facebook timeline check it out:

1). Pinterest:

Pinterest is one of the best apps which are often used specially by the person who like designing, fashion, shopping etc.This apps helps you to find out the latest fashion, design, shopping and also you can share among your friends.

Pinterest became more easy to use because pinterest has an apps in facebook. Which became more convenient for Pinterest users, as you can pin it directly from facebook without accessing to the official website.

2). Livestream:   

Livestream is a new Facebook timeline app which is use for sharing live events on Facebook. Using this app you can share to your friends on live news, latest updates and you current activity.

This app is all about live updates where you can promote more about your business, the best thing about this app is you can use for communicating with the people using facebook.

3). RSS Graffiti:

RSS Graffiti is an app that enables you to access RSS feed using facebook. RSS Graffiti is a tool that helps you to generate content on your RSS Feed page. This RSS tool is of great benefits for the person who is having multiple pages to manage, because using this tool you can manage multiple apps from the main activity.

You can also use for marketing purpose via facebook, but keep in mind that you do not spam your wall if not you won’t able to use this app anymore. So use it nicely without getting block.

4). iFrame Wrapper:   

This app has some new layout, iFrame Wrapper is a popular new app for facebook timeline, it is used for timeline fan page. iFrame Wrapper app allow you to add new pages at your facebook timeline easily without any technical coding knowledge.

The only difference iFrame Wrapper brings in your facebook timeline is it will add every new page under the tab. Which looks nice, so if you want you can select this app as well.

5). NutshellMail:

This app is very important for the person who is creating a page for business purpose like facebook fan page. NutshellMail helps you to get notification through email informing you about your recent activity in your fan page.

As we know that it really consume lots of time when you receive a notification at your facebook notification tab about your fan page activity. So it’s good if you can use this app, that makes your work more easy after all it gives you correct and detail report about your fan page.

6). YouTube Gallery for Facebook Pages:

This app is useful for a YouTube account holder, it is very good for doing marketing and branding your product using facebook as this app enables to set up to display YouTube gallery just for free under Facebook tab.

If you want you can watch any YouTube video directly from this app without browsing to another tab. That’s mean using facebook you can YouTube as well.

7). Top Tab App:

Using this app anyone can launch facebook contest, it means that using this app company can create a contest in facebook it’s a kind of marketing business with facebook.  This is the best way to promote your business.

As we all now that people love free things when you offer them for free, the people will come to know about your company that gives you the proper attention from the visitors. Eventually your company will be well known, this app is a good choice for a business man who try to promote their company. Hence this app is easy to manage.

On the above given apps are the best new apps for Facebook Timeline which is easy to use. You can add those above given apps by going to the setting at activity log.

Hello friends check it out the best apps that are of your interest and enjoy them by sharing to your friends. I’m sure you will like to try this new apps for facebook timeline. Share to your friends if you find this apps good for using in facebook.

Thank you!